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The Pain and Problem

In 2012 I was looking for a better way to turn the dreaded, “Cold Call”, into a warm call. The internet was quickly becoming the primary mode of communication and the ability to pull information was making it more and more difficult to connect with decision makers on the phone to move products and services. I wanted to evolve the process of generating sales, something every company needs.

I was also disenchanted with all the division in the world and the personal and professional failure that seemed so common. Like so many, I wanted a better world and a better life for myself and for others. I wanted positive change.

I interviewed small businesses, solopreneurs, professionals and conducted hours of research to learn why so many were failing. Here is what I learned:

  • The biggest challenge facing small business is finding and keeping customers
  • Social Media lacked leadership that created collaborative and harmonic culture
  • Face to Face networking was typically an environment where attendees would shotgun business cards to promote themselves.
  • The shrinking middle class meant a shrinking pool of buyers
  • The velocity of the dollar was at an all-time low, meaning we were not spending money. To sell a product someone needs to spend money.
  • We were basically a house divided against itself and very double minded. We wanted people to buy our stuff but isolated ourselves from anyone trying to sell to us.
  • The internet was too crowded for most to be seen or heard without having expertise or hiring expertise
  • People, companies, communities and countries were divided because we lack the unifying common ground that real leadership and culture create.

To me, this represented a recipe for failure and I knew that if I wanted to do something about it, there must be other people wanting to do something about it as well and this was the start of WEVO Tribes.

Humble Beginnings

As I started crafting a solution to overcome the recipe for failure, I put three concepts on a flyer and started meeting with people to see if the concepts resonated. If they did, I would add them to a network where we all agreed.

  • Give First
  • Build Relationships
  • The Golden Rule

This later became “Giving First to Empower the Law of Reciprocity”. Within a very short period, I had between 5-10 meeting requests every day from people wanting to be part of the new tribe and culture that agreed to these behaviors. I also started getting requests from other parts of the world asking when this new tribe concept would be in their area.

We created many success stories and tangible results but we also encountered many failures, one being that we could not seem to expand the model in other areas. Something was missing, maybe I was not the right leader, maybe people didn’t want to embrace this change or maybe it was too tall of an order.

We spent the next 5 years learning all the dynamics of successful tribes and how they can help anyone to get what they want. It was a long and rough road but very enlightening…

The Evolution of Social Networking

In June of 2016 we began development of the convergence of social media and face to face networking in an illuminated culture to create success for our members. WEVO is now a Collaborative, Conscious and Responsible Network to Build Life and Business anywhere in the world.

Come join us and experience belonging like never before. If you are looking for opportunity to do something meaningful and fun, this is your tribe. If you are a business wanting to grow, this is your tribe. If you want to be part of a real solution, this is your tribe. Welcome to the WEVOlution!

Brett Labit