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To Awaken Individuals to Unity and Collaboration through Organized Effort and Energy


The study of all things WEVOlved and WEVOlving in WEVOloveSocial. All of the components of organized effort and energy to create our desired reality.

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  • WEVOlveSocial.com

    WEVO is a member based collaborative club that perpetuates personal and business growth while doing good in the world. We facilitate organized effort and energy in an illuminated and conscious culture to help you achieve what you desire in life.


    Belonging, Attainment, Happiness, Inner Peace

  • WEVOlution

    The cause of unity, harmony, collaboration, responsibility, and co-creation for better personal lives, better businesses, and a better world.

  • WEVO

    We are striving for an illuminated and conscious culture that is unified, collaborative and harmonic as well as productive and socially responsible. We believe in discovering accurate thought and evolving to consciousness. The Law of Reciprocity is spoken and empowered here and real relationships are forged. You are free to be you in WEVO.

  • WEVOlogist

    One who facilitates organized effort and energy to perpetuate WEVO and generate more WE power for themselves and others.

  • WEVibration

    The frequency of unity, harmony, love and collaboration with purpose and intention that generates WE Power


    Leadership, Consciousness, Culture, Network, Personal Growth, Business Growth, Mastermind, Wellness

  • WEVO Gives

    Give First, Give Consistently, Give Big, Give Back

  • WEVO Agreements

    Conscious and caring for our Divinity in Planet, Others and Self

  • WEVO Integrity

    Creating strength when Intentions, Thoughts, Words and Actions are Congruent.

  • WEVO Responsibility

    We believe it is our responsibility to Care, Connect, Collaborate and Co-Create.

  • WEVO Progression

    Everyone’s personal decision to advance in life and business through Survival, Stability, Rewards of Success, and Significance.

  • WE Power

    WE power is generated through WEVO DNA. WE supports our ability to achieve what we desire through mental and then physical action.

  • WEVO Change Formula

    Introspection, Discovery, Honesty, Willingness, Mastermind, Accurate Thought, Decision, Integrity, Will, Habit, New Hypnotic Rhythm, Change

  • WEVO Strategy

    Well of Why, Dream, Definite Purpose, Definite Plan, Personal Inventory, Definite Habits, Hypnotic Rhythm. Accurate Thoughts

  • WEVO Friends

    Anyone, anytime, can request to speak to a WEVOlogist that strives to be a friend that strive for and extends to others, WEVO Freedom.

  • WEVO Freedom

    Free from the emotional attachment and inappropriate placement of Expectation, judgment, manipulation or control of others

  • WEVO Dream Calculator

    A mathematical formula to predict the approximate year of fulfillment of your dreams based upon your current reality without force multipliers.

  • WEVO Well of Why

    To know thy self is to be an independent thinker with a definite purpose and thereby making you unstoppable in your pursuits. Know who you are, what you want, what you are willing to do to be your highest and best.