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Literati Core Council

  • brett labit

    Brett Labit


    Brett is the founder of WEVO. He is proficient in building network and social influence and creating organized effort and energy to help others achieve what they want.

  • veronica

    Veronica Irons


    Veronica is passionate about guiding people to their highest & best potential through emotional & spiritual realizations...Read More

  • heather ramsey

    Heather Ramsey

    WEVO, ReWired WorldWide & Stock Exec

    Heather Ramsey has over 25yrs of running successful businesses, leading executive teams, teaching at business schools, and producing profit, people, and planet results...Read More

  • ngub nding

    Ngub Nding

    Founder of the Old Turtle Company

    Founder of the Old Turtle Company, a research, training and consulting enterprise. His main focus is Consciousness Technologies: solutions bringing together the best of scientific research, ancient wisdom and personal experience, for personal and organizational growth.

  • hardesty

    Robbie Hardesty

    Bookkeeper & Accountant

    I have been doing bookkeeping and accounting for nearly 40 years. In my first position of employment, I ran a check out register...Read More

  • sara

    Sara Jane Weidner

    Productivity Guru/9 yrs exp

    Sara Jane is a project and time management expert. She will help you achieve your full potential in life and business.

  • thomus gay

    Thomas Gay


    Thomas Gay is a life-long business owner and entrepreneur. His companies have been IT pioneers bringing new solutions to complex business problems. In the 80's he founded National Decision Systems (NDS)...Read More