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WEVO Culture

WEVO is our culture. We create and foster unity, harmony, collaboration, responsibility, co-creation, caring, serving, support, accurate thought and action to help you grow personally and grow your business. The Law of Reciprocity is spoken and empowered here and real relationships are forged. You are free to be you in WEVO.

Code of Conduct

WEVO is a culture and not a set of rules and regulations. At the core of our culture are four WEVO Agreements. We will survive and thrive based on our ability to embody, be congruent and model our culture to our membership and to each other.

WEVO Agreements

"Aware and Fully Present in the Moment"

  • Aware of the divinity in all things
  • Aware of the Planet
  • Aware of Others
  • Aware of Self

WEVO Core Values

  • Consciousness- Aware and fully present in the moment
  • Responsible Leadership- Model excellence and accuracy and teach only when the student is ready.
  • WEVOlve-Embrace and be the catalyst for positive collective change
  • Belonging-Everyone is welcome “as is” with an invite to evolve
  • WEVO Fun Factor-Let’s have fun
  • WEVO-DrDyer-Ness-Open to everything and attached to nothing
  • WEVOSentialism-We strive to be essentialists and model essentialism to others. This means to prioritize the most essential and important activities. It means “less but better”. Saying yes to the essential, and when necessary, saying no to the non-essential.
  • WEVOshido- Our code of loyalty, courage, veracity, compassion, unity, harmony, collaboration, responsibility, accountability and honor. An appreciation, awareness and respect of WEVO Agreements
  • WEVO Freedom - To be consciously aware to allow others to be who they are by reducing our expectation, judgment, manipulation and control of them. This is evidenced by our emotional non-attachment to their actions. We believe it is more appropriate to place expectations on outcomes and not individuals.
  • WEVOptimization- We optimize and execute what we have, then innovate for change only when it is a positive evolution.