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What is WEVO ?

WEVO is a member based collaborative club that perpetuates personal and business growth while doing good in the world. We facilitate organized effort and energy in an illuminated and conscious culture to help you achieve what you desire in life.

What do I Receive as a Member ?

We believe in the Law of Reciprocity. Whatever you put out into the infinite field of potentiality in the way of thoughts, emotions and actions will return to you in physical form. So, the answer to what you will receive can be found in your intention. With that being said, the WEVO deliverables vary based on level.

Here are a few of the direct benefits:

  • Collaborative Social Network, online and off, with business exchange and personal connection. Members support other members.
  • Valuable local events and opportunities to attend regional and global conferences
  • Opportunities to earn recurring income by referring other members to join or attend events
  • Exposure for your career or business that increases by level
  • Exclusive curriculum from our Literati Core Council based on subscription level
  • Exclusive mastermind locally, regionally and globally with other members at your subscription level.
  • An illuminated and conscious culture where members support other members in WEVO BAHI-belonging, attainment, happiness and inner peace along with WEVO FREEDOM-No Expectation, Judgment, Manipulation or Control.
  • Opportunity to help make the world a better place for all
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How do I join ?

We are striving for an illuminated and conscious culture that is unified, collaborative and harmonic as well as productive, proactive and socially responsible. For this reason, we primarily focus on accepting members through invite of other members.

There are 14 levels of membership to choose from and you can learn more about each level by visiting our membership page and clicking on the level that you are interested in. Once you select the level that feels right for you, join by submitting the form, processing payment and creating your profiles.

What are the concepts of WEVO organized effort and energy ?

These concepts are called WEVO DNA.

  • 1. Leadership-Everything rises and falls with leadership. We lead our self first. Being aware of ego. To be an independent thinker that is not swayed by opinion but seek our own truth. To evolve past thinking to consciousness. Knowing who we are and our definite purpose. Aware and awake to mastery of our self emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. Then modeling and empowering authenticity of our true self to attract and develop other leaders and developing them to lead other leaders.
  • 2. Consciousness-Aware and Awake.
  • 3. Culture- We are striving for an illuminated and conscious culture that is unified, collaborative and harmonic as well as productive, proactive and socially responsible. For this reason, we primarily focus on accepting members through invite of other members. One definition is to “Maintain conditions suitable for growth”. This is a good definition. As it applies to WEVOlogy, it is to maintain conditions suitable for everyone to be free from the emotion of expectation, judgment, manipulation or control. To discover their definite purpose and the means to fulfill it while also helping others to do the same. To create a productive and positive environment where we feel safe and that we belong, can attain what we want, are happy and have inner peace. Ultimately, an illuminated culture will grow your network and all the benefits that come from it.
  • 4. Network-To perpetuate a thriving culture, we must have membership and within membership, agreement and congruence of the culture. This becomes your network, tribe, community and for some, the higher vibration of family. Our ability to grow our network, foster our culture and generate WE power, will ultimately determine our outcomes.
  • 5. Personal Growth-Interaction-reciprocal action or influence. A particular way in which matter, fields, and atomic and subatomic particles affect one another, e.g., through gravitation or electromagnetism. Personal growth is about developing the inter action, or the action within ourselves. Our very essence and energy. Through awareness and action, we become more magnetic and attract to us the resources to achieve our desires. In WEVO, we access resources for personal growth through online curriculum, events and mastermind.
  • 6. Business Growth-The complete process from conception to execution. Securing and stabilizing our financial futures as well as achieving the rewards of success and significance. WEVO creates exposure and opportunities for you through the online network, events and mastermind.
  • 7. Mastermind-Master your own mind, mastermind with your higher self and mastermind with others. Attract people with diverse backgrounds and abilities that are better in some area than you are. Gain a broader perspective through your collective peer group. WEVO facilitates mastermind locally, regionally and globally through local meet ups, online tools, regional and global events.
  • 8. Wellness-Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Physical well-being to operate at our highest and best for the longest periods of time while feeling great and experiencing the fullness of all things.

What is the Literati Core Council ?

The Literati Core Council is the WEVO mastermind that creates the content online, on global calls and at events for members. They are chosen and vetted guides with specific expertise to help members advance. You can meet the Literati here.